Clay and glaze recipes

Download clay and glaze recipes in one-page PDF format.

Tacoma Clay Art Center Clays

Grolleg slip casting clay Cone 10
New Zealand Porcelain Cone 10

Satin Clear Cone 7-10

(I often fire to cone 10 Cone fire Med with a 4 minute soak for this glaze.)

Gerstley Borate:  147
Magnesium Carbonate:  147
Whiting:  1118
Nepheline Syenite:  1133
Tile 6 Georgia kaolin:  1015
Flint:  1441
Not too glossy, can craze

Satin Blue

Add to Satin Clear Cone 7-10

Sl. less than 1/4t. cobalt carb
Plus ½ t. copper carb per quart of glaze

Limestone Clear Cone 10

Flint 315
Glossier clear, bright, hard

David Regan Grolleg Porcelain

55 Grolleg
20 Custer
13 Pyrotrol
12 Flint
2 macaloid, veegum or bentonite (dissolve in H20 night before)

Moon Celadon

Kona F-4 feldspar50
add: bentonite 1%
barnard clay5.5

Kurt Weiser Slip Casting Porcelain

Good in woodfire; in pounds.

8 ½ C&C Ball clay
2 ¾ Helmar Kaolin
2 ¾ EPK
7 ½ /Custer
3 ¼ Flint
½ Neph Sy
1 gal plus 19 oz distilled H2O

Mix separately 5g. soda ash, 1 oz (28.3g) sodium silicate in 1 cup hot water. Mix dry ingredients. Add to water, alternating with soda ash mixture. Mix with drill mixer or slip mixer, blunge for several hours if possible.

Other good low fire stuff that works for cone 10 oxidation

Duncan CC 118 cobalt crystal black
CC 160 Deep Purple (blue at cone 10)
Amaco V-361 Jet Black
Duncan EZ stroke 056 Brick Red
057 Coral Red
033 Ivy Green
054 Papago Turquoise
043 Mint Julep
004 Yellow
003 Irish Green
Harrison Bell underglazes
11-699 Flamingo
11-721 Orchid
11-656 Lilac
Copper carbonate washes: can be used over or under underglazes

For use on top of Satin Clear:
Duncan SN352 Satin White (creates texture)
Amaco Reward Old World Crackle (creates texture)
Amaco LG 10 Clear (creates running)


Can be mixed with china paint, powdered tempera, or stains.

Devcon 2 part liquid epoxy
Marine putty